Commercial / Investment Property



Investing in a property with the purpose of benefitting from its monthly cash flow, appreciation and/or equity growth, whether that is an investment in multi-residential units, an office building, a retail and/or industrial property, is a specialty that requires a solid market understanding and expertise.  We, here at Choice Real Estate Brokers, provide our Commercial Real Estate Services to our clients who are clear with their investment objectives, and have the resolve to see them through, regardless of the clients’ level of experience.  Our experience in working with novice, as well as experienced investors, has proven beneficial for our clients, in our 25 plus years of brokerage.


At Choice Real Estate Brokers, our ultimate goal is to identify investment properties that would appreciate in value over time and/or create a solid cash-on-cash return, through a selective identification process, with emphasis on a 5 -10 year investment analysis.  This approach gives us the ability to find investment opportunities  for the economic benefits that they represent today, as well as what they might represent given their optimized development and use.


Here is a list of successfully closed investment properties which  our sales associates, during their long career span, have represented their clients in.  Today, through their association with our brokerage, they will be bringing their expertise to you, our clients.


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