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Why trust Choice Real Estate Brokers with the sale of your property?


It's simple!... We get the job done at highest market values, lowest costs, least amount of inconvenience.  Our 50 plus years of experience will benefit you in successfully accomplishing your objectives.  And as they say, "the proof is in the pudding".  If after the first 30 days of your property being in the market, you are dissatisfied with your Choice Real Estate Broker's Sales Associate and his/her performance, we will simply cancel our Listing Agreement with you, at no cost to you.  In delivering the desired results and successfully selling our clients' properties, our analytical, marketing, and negotiation skills, combined, come together to provide our clients the promise of our brand: We get the job done at highest market values, lowest costs, least amount of inconvenience, safely and securely.

Familiarize yourself with the big picture of what is going on in your specific ZIP code.


Educating yourself about how the market is doing in general, is a great first step.  We'll be very happy to assist you by providing you vital market information.  You may register below to receive the most up to date information on Market Trends in your specific ZIP code area.


What's my property's value?

​Discuss the possible sale of your property,​and your objectives, with a professional Realtor

If you're ready to take the next step toward selling your home, we're here to help. This is when you are ready to talk to us specifically about your property.  Please remember that public websites like Zillow are often times WAY OFF in their property value estimates. By "way off" we are talking about - in instances - being off in hundreds of thousands of dollars! Seriously!  When you contact us, we will perform a FREE Comparative Market Analysis for your property, and present it to you through email or in person.  

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